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Is a Positive Environment Really the Be-All End-All of Increased Productivity?

A business has only one way to achieve peak satisfaction with employees and within their productivity. It is their work culture and environment. It is the ultimate factor in the internal success of a business. Or is it? Is the above a self-affirming reality that many companies want to ignore? A work culture that is positive is hard to tangibly measure and quite hard to achieve. It is a lot easier to measure the square footage of a gym or look at satisfaction reports at the end of the year. These are things that can be measured and tracked over time. But, they don’t really tell companies a whole lot. A positive work environment is something that can be felt.

It is not the thing a lot of companies want to hear because they may want to measure happiness on a scale. They want to break down happiness from 1 to 100 and match it against the budget. Can 85 happiness score be achieved for under $300,000? Make it happen.

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A positive work environment relies on the commitment of the employees. A fast-paced environment relies on something a little different. A fast-paced environment expects high turnover. Not everyone can handle the stress and the hours so they cater the business around a dog-eat-dog environment. Can’t keep up? Move along, this place is not for you. Many of the employees may fall under the spell. They want to want to be there. But, over time, they just cannot keep up. A fast-paced environment is for a very particular kind of person, and most people are not that kind of person.

Loyalty and creativity can be fostered to make for a positive work culture. This includes the setting of hours that work for you over hours that only service the company. This includes professional growth that can be felt and made sense of. No fighting for the few spots on the ladder while the rest fall to their deaths. Companies want employees to forget that a positive work culture matters more than anything. They want results- now- and the ladder only fits so many. The right company knows there are other ways.

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